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Qgis merge selected features greyed out

Select Features by Area. The Select Features by Area has 4 different tools. The first one is Select Feature (s), as shown in the following picture. You can use this tool to select.

The first step is to download Cygwin and to install it in the directory C:\cygwin (instead of the default C:\cygwin64 ). During the installation, select the lynx package: Once installed, you have to click on the Cygwin64 Terminal icon newly created on your desktop:. .

Author Name: Giovanni Manghi (@gioman) Original Redmine Issue: 11405 Affected QGIS version: master Redmine category:digitising it seems that the tool does not work anymore in master,.

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There are probably multiple ways to do this, but here is one way using a geometry generator in QGIS 3.x: 1. Turn on labels for the layer Style dock > Labels tab Change "No labels " to "Show labels for this layer" Select the field to " Label with" 2. Move individual labels The upgrade to >QGIS</b> 3.0 has made <b>label</b> placement easier to customize.

To repeat your situation I used a software which blocks the Internet connection. And I was able to create a .mbox file. (the screenshot was taken later so the iCloud account is online again) In mail app I imported the .mbox file as a local import. Then I selected the mail and clicked move to and moved it to my other mail account.

Go to Team Explorer and select Branches. Checkout master and click "Merge". Same as Git command, you need to be on master to merge dev branch. Select dev on "Merge from branch" menu and click Merge. Note that I keep "Commit changes after merging" checkbox on. Off the top of my head, open the Team Explorer view.

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